Lawn Care Business Names And Slogans – In-Depth Overview

One of the things you have to consider when setting up your lawn care business is that you will want to come up with a slogan. A slogan is a necessary marketing tactic so that customers associate a catchy phrase with your business. Therefore, when a customer hears your tagline, they will immediately think of your lawn care company.

That said, you will want to come up with a short, catchy slogan that perfectly summarizes the nature of your business. The best sayings do conjure up emotions in addition to the association with the company. T

hat is what you want your customers to do positively. So, how can you come up with a slogan for your lawn care business?

Let’s give you some inspiration, listed below.

Lawn Care Business Names And Slogans

If you do not know where to start when it comes to finding your slogan for your lawn care company, you will want to keep reading so you can get your creative juices stimulated.

Lawn Care Business Names

Here are some existing slogans associated with companies that serve your home and garden needs as well as with manufacturers of garden and outdoor tools:

  • Home Depot – How Doers Get More Done
  • Lawn Care Equipment company Husqvarna – Taming The Wild
  • Craftsman Lawn And Garden Equipment – America’s Most Trusted Tool Brand
  • Worx Outdoor Equipment – Worx. It’s In Your Nature
  • Stihl Lawn And Garden Equipment – Stihl Power. Not Just For Professionals
  • Echo Outdoor Power Tools – Echo. Get Serious, World-Class Power Tools
  • Fiskars Outdoor And Gardening Tools – Fiskars. Less Effort. More Garden
  • McCulloch Outdoor Power Tools – The Power To Get It Done
  • Bulldog Garden Tools – Quality British-made Tools Since 1780
  • Spear & Jackson’s Hand And Garden Tools – Pride In A Job Well Done

Lawn Care Business Slogans

When you hear the slogans associated with these businesses, do you immediately think of these home, outdoor, and garden manufacturing companies? If you do, then that means these companies used effective slogans. That means you will want to do some brainstorming when coming up with the best slogan for your outdoor and garden-related company.

Listed below are other slogans that various nurseries and other gardening and outdoor-related companies used to give you some ideas. There will be at least one that you can utilize for inspiration:

  • Expert care for your law and let us do the work
  • Achieve a green, healthy lawn the simple way
  • It is so easy being green
  • Please allow us to treat your lawn as if it is our own
  • Allow us to make gardening easy for you
  • We have a plan to make your lawn healthier and greener
  • We are the ones who make properties happy as well as their owners
  • Don’t worry about a thing and leave all of the dirty work to us
  • Allow us to be the ones to create your beautiful lawn
  • If you are worried about your property, stop, and hire us to end your worries
  • We can give you the best quality lawn for the best price
  • Lean on us for making your lawn a high-quality one without the high price
  • We are always on the cutting edge
  • Rely on us to weed out your stress as we make your neighbors green
  • We are your shortcut to the best-looking property
  • We will give you the lawn that will make you proud
  • There is no better time than now to get your garden into shape
  • We will make your lawn better

It is not known which lawn care companies have these slogans. However, I discovered them from different areas online to provide you with something you can use when you create your motto.

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Tricks And Tips To Utilize When Creating A Slogan For Your Lawn Care Business

You already know that the purpose of a slogan is to cause clients to associate your company with the saying. Here are some tips and tricks to help you create a slogan for your business.

  • The best thing to do is to pair your motto with your logo. You want them to balance well and be cohesive.
  • Don’t rush into creating your slogan because it requires a lot of time and thought.
  • Keep it simple so you don’t end up coming up with a saying that will only confuse your potential customers. That would defeat the purpose.
  • Make it humorous and never make false promises in your slogan either.
  • If you struggle to develop a slogan for your lawn care company, you can always hire a marketer who can help you.


When you are developing your lawn care company’s marketing plan, you must include a slogan. The purpose of the slogan is to help potential customers and your existing customers associate the powerful saying with your company. You want your slogan to evoke positive emotions as well.

When it comes to creating your slogan, it takes time and plenty of brainstorming. Listed above are examples of lawn care company slogans associated with outdoor and gardening tool manufacturing companies. Those are there to give you some ideas on what type of slogan to create. However, if you struggle to create a slogan, you can always hire a marketer to help you.

Your lawn care business is one of the essential investments to make.

Let us know what Name and Slogan you decide on in the comments below. Check out our website for all the insights on gardening.