How Many Different Types Of Flowers Are There – Detailed Overview With Advice & More

The first thing you see whenever spring is on the horizon is that flowers begin to bloom, and that is how you know that the weather is becoming nicer. The purpose of flowers is to reproduce plants.

You would not usually think of this, but flowers are the reproductive organs for plants, and the environment needs plants for various reasons. Flowers produce pollen and nectar, and when bees and hummingbirds transport the pollen and nectar to different plants, that is when more grow.

Flowers serve other purposes, too, as they can be there to brighten your day, and they serve many cultural significance based on type and colors if you give someone a bouquet that will light them up, for instance.

Now, the next question is, how many different types of flowers are there?

How Many Types Of Flowers Do You See Worldwide?

You likely guess that there are hundreds of thousands of flowers globally. You probably can think of 50 types and know that there are so many others on top of that.

However, the number of flowers there are worldwide is more than you may imagine there to be. There are over 400,000 types of flowers in the world.

That means there are flowers around that you would have never guessed existed for that reason. Many botanists would not even know all of those flowers. Or, at the very least, think of them on the top of their heads.

However, let’s take the time to go over several of the most common flowers that everyone would know. Perhaps there is something you can learn about them.

Different Types Of Flowers

How Many Different Types Of Flowers Are There


One of the flowers you often see is carnations

Types of Carnations

There are three types of carnations:

  • the dwarf ones
  • spray ones
  • large ones.

Large Carnations

Large carnations grow over 20 inches high and feature one large flower for each stem.

Dwarf and Spray Carnations

However, the dwarf and spray ones are shorter as they grow up to a foot long and have multiple smaller flowers per stem.

You will see these flowers in gardens, and they grow in well-drained soil and require sunlight to grow. You can see them in various colors as they are often white, pink, or yellow. You see that carnations are the flowers used in weddings and other events too.


Sunflowers are pretty famous and are best known for their large size and bright yellow color.

How Do Sunflowers Grow?

  • They require sunlight to grow and can only grow in hot climates.
  • Sunflowers feature long roots, and they must have ample room for spreading out, which means the soil cannot be too dense to grow correctly.

Can You Eat Sunflower Seeds?

You know about sunflowers because they grow seeds that are tasty and are healthy for you. Sunflower seeds are a delicious snack and taste good in salads.

These flowers are a sign of harvest and abundance, according to Native Americans. You never want to over-fertilize them, or else when the fall comes, the stems could break.


One of the most well-known flowers worldwide is daisies.

How Much a Daisy Can Grow?

Daisies can grow anywhere from eight inches to four feet, and they require average soil and thrive well in sunlight.

How Much Should You Water Your Daisies?

If you are growing daisies in your garden, you do not need to water them too often if you are getting a lot of rain. If there is no rain for a week, or if there is only one day of rain, then you want to water your daisies.

When you think of daisies, you would think of innocence and youth, usually white. Many people like growing daisies because they are easy to care for and look lovely in gardens.


Lilies are known for their fragrance and elegance. That is why they are prevalent worldwide, and they come in various colors. When someone hands you a bouquet, you will see that lilies are the central flowers.

Types of Lilies

Over one hundred lilies worldwide include

  • Trumpet lilies
  • Easter lilies
  • Oriental lilies
  • Asiatic lilies.

How Does Lilies Grow?

  • They typically bloom from the early part of summer to the early part of fall, depending on the type.
  • They thrive in well-drained soil and require six to eight hours of sunlight.
  • That means they thrive best in warmer climates and don’t do as well in colder weather.
  • Lillies predominantly grow in the warmer regions in the Northern Hemisphere.


Everyone knows roses, and they are one of the oldest flowers around as they have been growing for over 35 million years.

What Are Roses Used For?

  • Roses were not known to humankind until approximately 5,000 years ago and were for medicinal purposes instead of decorative ones.
  • Roses are one ingredient of perfumes as they are fragrant flowers, and when you grow roses, you want to ensure that you water them often as they thrive in water.

What to Do If Someone Gives You a Bouquet of Roses?

If someone gives you a bouquet of roses, you want to immediately place them into a vase and fill three-quarters of it with water. The stem of the roses will absorb the water, and you will get beautifully blooming and vibrant flowers resulting from it.


Orchids are older than roses, as speculation has it that they have been around for over 100 million years ago. However, harvesting did not happen until much later than that, as people did not know orchids exist that far back.

Variations of Orchids

There are over 30,000 variations of orchids.

How Do Orchids Grow?

Orchids do not grow in the dirt they grow on the bark of trees instead.

  • If you have your orchids indoors, you will want to water them once a week as you don’t want to water orchids too often. That will lead to root rot.
  • You want to ensure that your orchids have direct sunlight as well so they can thrive.
  • You can also fertilize orchids with fertilizer for this flower precisely.

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There are so many other flowers worldwide that people know, such as tulips, peonies, alstroemerias, dahlias, marigold, azaleas, and asters, among many more.

If you want to grow any particular flower, you will need to know how to properly care for them‘ so you can maximize the benefits of their beauty and health.

Flowers give a nice touch to your garden and property or your home if you have indoor flowers.

You can find methods of caring for your flowers the best way possible at greenhouses, and you can look online to care for them. Most flowers need plenty of sunlight, and that is what you want to provide for them in addition to water and potentially fertilizer.

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