Where Is The World’s Largest Natural Flower Garden? – Full Guide

Have you thought about visiting the most extensive flower garden in the world? Do you also know where that is? If not, you will learn about something unique.

It makes you wonder how the most extensive flower garden in the world happens to survive in the scorching heat. How can it last in the hot desert? However, you can say about this garden that a lot of planning and money made this miracle idea into a fascinating reality.

Where Is The World’s Largest Natural Flower Garden?

The city in the Middle East, known for its breathtaking skyscrapers and its modern society, is also the home of the most extensive flower garden in the world.

That city is Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. That huge flower garden is known as the Miracle Garden because it is a miracle to look at when you are there. Therefore, when you are going to the beaches, shopping, and eating at fancy restaurants in the city of Dubai, you can visit the Miracle Garden too!

Characteristics Of The Miracle Garden

  • The world’s most extensive natural garden is quite impressive as it measures 775,000 square feet and features 100 million flowers, including marigolds, geraniums, and petunias.
  • The flowers hail from different countries, which includes The United States.
  • The Miracle Garden holds the most extensive vertical garden in the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • The garden features unique floral design sculptures; that is what makes the attraction so magnetic and fascinating.
  • The flower arrangements are exceptional, and you can see how much work and energy the designers and builders of this garden put into it.
  • That is the definition of a one-of-a-kind paradise as they are all picture-worthy.

Most Popular Attractions In The Miracle Garden

Tourists visit the Miracle Garden because of its beauty, awe, and creativity.

The most photographed attraction within the garden is the

  • floral clock: the clock consisting of flowers
  • The UAE flag consists of flowers
  • the Alley of Hearts

Alley of Hearts

The Alley of Hearts features several floral arches that have the shapes of hearts. You will also see cars decked in flowers and a large floral boat, and a train that holds bouquets.

Burj Khalifa

Visitors also enjoy looking at the Burj Khalifa as that is a castle featuring flowers in every part of the building. Therefore, if you appreciate gardens and photography, this is a trip that you will want to take! However, that is not all that this garden features.

Replica of the Emirates Airbus A380

The replica of the Emirates Airbus A380 is the most impressive feature of this garden. That is because over 500,000 vegetation thrives there. You may even have up to 5,000,000 flowers blooming there each spring.

Floral Disney Characters

The Miracle Garden and Disney created a licensing deal that brought floral Disney characters into the garden. Mickey Mouse consists of flowers and reaches up to 18-meters high, composed of 100,000 flowers and plants.

How Can The Miracle Garden Survive And Thrive In A Desert Environment?

So how can this extensive garden survive in the desert where there is hardly any precipitation at all? That is an excellent inquiry considering a garden, let alone the largest one in the world, could not survive in droughts.

It is natural to wonder how this massive garden in the middle of the desert thrives, let alone survives. An efficient and eco-friendly irrigation system is what maintenance workers use to keep it alive, in addition to using materials in the garden that retain moisture, such as capillary mats.

Those capillary mats are why the flowers are doing so well, and the maintenance crew utilizes water-saving techniques to ensure that the garden receives ample water when needed. What happens is that the maintenance crew and other workers treat the city’s wastewaters and transform them into a reusable water supply for the garden.

It would not be possible to maintain this large garden if there was no water recycling without compromising the water for Dubai residents. Maintenance workers water the park after it closes at night.

Nevertheless, the park does shut down during the peak of the hottest times of the year, from April to September. If it remained open, it would take in too much water, and it would be more challenging to maintain.

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If you are thinking about going on a trip to Dubai, you will want to make the most of it. That means you will want to enjoy the sites of the skyscrapers, enjoy the dining experience, as well as the beaches, and you do not want to miss out on visiting the most extensive garden in the world – the Miracle Garden.

The Miracle Garden is in the heart of Dubai and consists of fascinating and fun attractions that you will love. Unfortunately, the garden‘ is closed for four months of the year because of being at the peak of the hottest time, as maintaining the park in the desert would not be doable. However, you will want to ensure that you visit when the park is open because it is so impressive.

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