How To Get Rid Of Rabbits In Flower Garden – Detailed Guide With Advice & More

Rabbits are adorable, and there is no denying that. When you were a child, you probably loved seeing the rabbits while visiting pet stores. Maybe you even had a pet rabbit once, or you were a fan, and perhaps you still are a fan of Bugs Bunny.

Maybe you have a pet bunny, probably because your kids begged you to have one. However, as adorable as rabbits are, they are a nuisance in your flower garden. They are more of a nuisance if you are growing carrots and other various vegetation.

Rabbits’ noses are powerful and will lead them to your garden, where their razor-sharp teeth will munch on the leaves in your flower garden. They also dig burrows which will not only leave holes but can cause you to trip.

The solution to prevent any of that from happening is to keep rabbits away from your garden. You can humanely do that. Let’s go over some solutions on how to keep rabbits from going near your garden.

How To Get Rid Of Rabbits In Flower Garden?

How To Get Rid Of Rabbits In Flower Garden

Maintaining Your Yard

Rabbits love tall grass, and if you do not maintain your yard, your grass will grow exceptionally tall. If you mow your lawn and maintain your garden by removing weeds, clippings, and making necessary trimmings, that alone will keep the rabbits away.

Ensure that you remove branches as well as sticks as well from your garden and property. You will want to do this once or twice a week.

If you have a neatly kept garden, then rabbits, as well as other animals, will not have a reason to go into your flower garden.

If you happen to go on vacation for a week or two, you will want to hire a maintenance worker to maintain and clean your lawn. That is unless you have a trusted friend or family member who is willing to do that for you.

Look For Burrows And Fill Them With Dirt Or Gravel

If you suspect that rabbits are in your garden, then you will want to look for burrows as well as holes that rabbits dig. If you see them, that is proof that you have a rabbit problem in your flower garden and your property.

Rabbits dig them up so they can go inside them when it is rainy or chilly. The best thing to do is grab plenty of dirt or gravel and fill those burrows or holes so the rabbits cannot hide in them anymore.

If rabbits cannot find any holes or burrows, in addition to you cleaning and maintaining your garden and lawn weekly, that will help repel them.

Invest In A Humane Trap

If you are cleaning and maintaining your flower garden and yard, and you are filling up holes and burrows that rabbits make, that alone may not keep them at bay.

Another solution is to invest in a humane trap. Therefore, when the rabbits are roaming around on your property, and you have a trap, the animal will enter it without knowing, and the trap will close on them.

Cage Trap or Live Trap

You can always invest in a cage trap or a live trap as they will catch a rabbit that weighs around four pounds.

Things to Consider

  • You want to put disposable gloves on before touching the trap because rabbits will detect humans’ scents, which will cause them to stay away from it.
  • Place the trap in a sheltered area with plenty of shade on your property, and throw in some carrots and lettuce to lure them in.

When a rabbit enters the trap, the door will shut when the animal is entirely inside it, which happens by the animal triggering the mechanism. While the door closes, it will not harm the rabbit because it will not shut until the animal is inside it entirely without legs or paws hanging around the door area.

It is essential to check the trap often because the animal inside the enclosure will become stressed. You can always take the trap and release the animal into a wooded area that is far away from your property.

Install Fencing Around Your Yard

If you don’t like the idea of using traps to get rid of rabbits from your flower garden, then you can always install chicken wire or wooden or metal stake fencing around your yard.

  • The critical thing to remember is that holes in the wire fencing are no larger than one-inch diameter because rabbits can squeeze into larger spots.
  • Keep in mind that rabbits can also go underneath shallow fences, which is why you want to dig a trench around eight inches long along the perimeter to bury the fence inside of it.
  • You will want to ensure that the fence is at the lowest three feet tall, which will keep the rabbits out.
  • If you are using chicken wire fencing, you will need to hammer down a stake inside the ground every six feet. That will strengthen the chicken wire fencing and prevent sagging, allowing rabbits to go through.
  • Ensure that your stakes are four feet tall, as one foot will stay underground.
  • You also want to ensure that there are no gaps in the wiring, so you will want to staple it to the stakes with hooks.

If you don’t want to put fencing around your yard, you can always put a garden gate around your flower garden, which means placing fencing around your flower garden.

Use Rabbit Repellant

Another way to remove rabbits from your flower garden is by using repellant. Rabbits have noses that work very well, which is the reason they head to your garden in the first place.

You can always go to your local garden center as they would sell rabbit repellant, and you also want to ensure that the toxicity levels are low enough not to affect your pets. The same applies if you have young children.

Ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s directions for using the repellent if you choose to go that route.

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Rabbits are cute, but Elmer Fudd called Bugs Bunny ‘wascally wabbit’ for a reason. That is because rabbits can be a nuisance in your flower garden‘ whether you grow to produce or not.

Fortunately, there are humane and straightforward ways to get rabbits away from your garden and your property. It is essential to maintain and clean your yard often, which alone can prevent rabbits from entering your garden.

However, that does not always happen, which is why you will need to take additional steps such as building a fence around your yard or garden, using humane traps, or using rabbit repellent.

If you use any of those options, then that will keep rabbits away from your garden.

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