Lawn Care Business Apps – All-in-One Guide, Tips & More

If you are looking to own a lawn care business, or if you already own one, you will want to take advantage of anything that can make your life easier. That is why evolving technology can be a blessing (even though it has been a curse in many other ways, but let’s not go there for now).

If you are a business owner of any kind, you will see how evolving technology is fantastic as it can save you so much unnecessary stress and aggravation. You can download some apps on your iPhone, Android, or tablet to make life easier when it comes to managing your own care business.

Let’s look at some ingenious lawn care business apps that any owner must have on their smartphones or tablets.

Lawn Care Business Apps – Top 6 Reviews

lawn careLeafsnap

Whenever a client asks you what type of tree they have on their lawn, you may not always know the answer, which can be embarrassing for you. Therefore, Leafsnap can help save you that embarrassment because you need to take a picture of the tree’s leaves.

In addition, the app will generate the name of the tree because it uses the same type of technology like your phone or other devices do for facial recognition.

Once you have the tree’s name, you will then know what to do with it and solve any issues surrounding that for your client. Leafsnap will also save you a lot of time when it comes to researching trees and other vegetation as it will provide you with the information you need.


You want to find the least expensive gas in your city since you often travel to meet with clients to help solve their landscaping issues. Therefore, GasBuddy will help you find what you need.

It is easy to join it as all you need to do is sign up for the app and enter your landscaping company’s credit card. That will help make filling up straightforward for you once you find the least expensive gas pump in your area.

That way, you no longer have to take time off your day to look for affordable gas stations, as GasBuddy will solve that issue for you in no time.


The Invoice2Go app is essential for lawn care and landscaping business owners because you can send an invoice from your smartphone or tablet right over to your clients in real-time. That means you no longer have to head home and take the time to create invoices for them from your computer.

When you get home, you want to be finished with your work. All you want to do is take the time to relax on your own or with your family.

The app is perfect for any business owner who is often on the go, and lawn care and landscaping business owners easily fit into that group.

Harvest Landscape Calculator

Your clients either do or will ask you the amount of mulch or soil they will need for a particular project you are working on with them. Unfortunately, you will not immediately know the answer to that query.

Therefore, the Harvest Landscape Calculator app will help you solve that issue, and you can come back with an estimation you can use for them. In addition, the app comes with a sliding tool where you can plug in the depth of the area of the ground you are using for the project.

Hence, the app will let you know how much soil or mulch you need to complete the project. The app will remove all of the guesswork from you when it comes to those estimations.

Lawn Buddy

If you are looking for an app that can help in various aspects of your lawn care or landscaping business, you will want to download Lawn Buddy. It can help you manage the needs of your business, and you can also set up automated invoicing, create estimations, and handle everything else behind the scenes.

Another great thing that this app offers is to keep your conversations with your clients through the app. That takes away the time you use up while searching for texts on your smartphone with your clients.

In addition, Lawn Buddy will help keep your conversations organized and help you store files for the client and receipts or overdue invoices.


If you are looking for new clients, then you will want to use YourGreenPal. The app allows you to look at homeowners’ work to lawn care workers and landscapers as they submit that information to the app.

Indeed you will find jobs that you are interested in completing, and you can bid on those jobs. You can make several bids a day, and once you have a customer and finish their work, YourGreenPal will automatically send a bill to them.

It is an excellent app for any lawn care business owner that wants to increase their clientele. However, it is invaluable for new lawn care and landscaping business owners.

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If you are a lawn care business owner‘ or if you own a landscaping business, then you want to utilize some apps to make your job even more manageable as a business owner. There is an app for pretty much anything nowadays, and it is not a surprise that there are apps designed for your lawn care or landscaping business.

There are apps to help you identify your clients’ trees and allow you to estimate the soil you need‘ to work on a project. There are apps to help you send invoices to your clients quickly, and apps even help you find clients! Technology is great.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Find out more about lawn care on our website.


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