How Many Types Of Lily Flowers Are There – Everything You Need to Know

Lilies are one of the most popular flowers around, and you see many homeowners and business owners planting them in their gardens. They have different designs that range from contemporary, cottage-like, and rustic. Some people may think that lilies are somewhat old-fashioned, but that is not always the case.

There are plenty of hybrid lilies that have a modern appearance to them. They can vary in appearance, fragrance, color, and level of sophistication.

All lilies thrive in well-draining garden soil and require ample exposure to sunlight as well. You will need to water them often if it only rains once a week or does not rain at all. It does not matter the type of lily flower you have. There is more than one type of lily so let’s go over that in detail.

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How Many Types Of Lily Flowers Are There?

types of lilliesWhen you think of lilies, you may think of one type, but there are actually over 90 types of lily flowers. It gets somewhat more complex than that as well.

Botanists classify lilies by genetics and hybridization, and there are nine different divisions of the flower. It is necessary to classify these flowers as it helps home gardeners and horticulturists know how the lily will appear after blooming and understand the conditions they grow in best.

However, many people who are learning about gardening only know about limited types of lilies. Let’s talk more about several types by explaining the most common lilies you see in many gardens.

Trumpet Lilies

Trumpet lilies are one of the most well-known ones around, and they are hybrids. The name is self-explanatory as they have the appearance of trumpets, they are fragrant and colorful, and they do vary as well.

Some trumpet lilies have more than a dozen buds per stem but only have a few buds.

You will expect to see lilies coming in shades of

  • pink
  • white
  • cream
  • orange
  • yellow

with a star-shaped in the middle of the flower.

These lilies can reach up to around eight feet tall, and ensure that you water them often if it does not rain and keep them exposed to sunlight.

Oriental Lilies

Another popular lily flower is the Oriental lily, and they are highly fragrant. You will see that many perfumes consist of fragrances from this type of lily flower.

You’ll expect to see that this flower features broad leaves, even more so than other lily types. The leaves and foliage are resistant to animals such as rabbits and deer. You will find that they have countless buds on each stem, and they come in shades of pink, purple, and red.

Sometimes they are cream and written in color. Some of the petals curve and others do not and can grow up to five feet tall.

Asiatic Lilies

Asiatic lilies are one of the only lily flowers that lack fragrance, and it is a hybrid of other lily species. They only feature three to six flowers for each stem, and they also feature smaller flowers than other lilies.

You will see the Asiatic lilies coming in shades of yellow, orange, red, and white. They do last a long time as they have sturdy and straight stems.

However, there is one issue with these flowers. They are not resistant to animals such as deer and rabbits, so they need other protection to deter these animals away from the flowers.

LA Hybrids

The LA hybrid lilies contain some Asiatic lilies in them, and that is why they lack fragrance. However, they feature larger flowers than Asiatic lilies, and they also come in many different intense colors, which causes them to stand out from the crowd.

They make excellent cut flowers, and because they are in bloom for weeks, they still stand out from other flowers in the garden. LA hybrids can grow up to four feet tall and measure around seven inches across.

That is the reason that they also stand out, because of their size. Another appealing thing about the LA hybrids is that they are easy to grow and maintain.

Orienpet Lilies

You may think that the name of this lily is odd, which is Orienpet. However, they are hybrids of the trumpet and Oriental lilies, so they have this name. The trumpet shape they feature is shallow, but they do have a broad bloom and can measure from six to ten inches across.

They have a strong fragrance and come in various shades, including white, red, yellow, pink, and orange.

They can grow up to be three feet tall, and they make amazing cut flowers which is why they are highly appealing to grow in the garden.

Canada Liles

Canada is known to have a colder climate, so it is confusing that there would be lilies growing in the great white north. However, remember that Canada has plenty of hours of sunlight during the summer, and the summers can be blisteringly hot.

However, at the same time, Canadian lilies are shade-tolerant as well. They come in yellow or orange with a curved petal shape. They grow to be from two to four feet tall, and each stem consists of five to 20 nodding blooms.

They thrive in moist meadows, and unfortunately, they are the favorite snack of deer and rabbits.


If you want to plant a lily flower, there are plenty of types to choose from, and there are around 90 types of lilies. The best type for your garden depends on your needs and desires, and some lilies give off a fragrance. Other lilies do not.

If you tend to have a sensitivity to fragrances, then you are better off with growing lilies that don’t have a strong scent or that do not have any smell at all.

Either way, if you want to grow lilies, you will have to commit to tending to them and giving them access to the sunlight they require.

Let us know which type of Lillies are your favorite in the comments down below.

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