What Are Some Exotic Fruits? – General Overview, Tips & More

When you think of fruit, you will think of apples, mangoes, bananas, oranges, plums, cherries, berries, grapes, kiwi, and so on. Those fruits are pretty mundane. Those are the only fruits that we see at the local farmer’s market and grocery store.

It isn’t easy to think that other fruits go beyond the ones that we know. However, it is mind-boggling when you hear about over 2,000 types of fruit in the world. The ones that we know are only a mere fraction of that. That is an overwhelming thought.

What could those other fruits be that you do not see at your local farmer’s market or grocery store? That is because there is plenty of exotic fruit that would surprise you. You do not know that most of these exotic fruits exist.

What Are Some Exotic Fruits?

Let’s talk about some of the exotic fruit right now.

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Pacay Or Ice Cream Bean

Pacay, also known as the ice cream bean, is an exotic fruit grown in the Andes region of South America. It has the consistency of cotton candy, and it is sweet and has the appearance of white Styrofoam in a long green large bean.

Unfortunately, if you attempt to find it anywhere in North America, chances are you will not find it unless you go to a Peruvian restaurant or grocery store.

Additionally, because pacay is so rare in areas outside of South America, it is costly. However, if you want to spend money on trying this exotic fruit, perhaps it may be worth the money.


There is another exotic fruit from Peru known as lucuma. Lucuma is yellow and somewhat resembles mango. It has a texture that is left to be desired, but at the same time, the fruit is sweet. Because of lucuma’s unpleasant texture, people rarely eat the fruit as it is. The flesh of lucuma is a significant component of desserts instead.

You can find lucuma as an ingredient in pies, cakes, ice creams, puddings, and other pastries. You will have a hard time finding this fruit in any grocery store in other parts of the world except in South America. It is not available easily in North America, which is why lucuma is exotic.


Durian is a green spiky fruit that is yellow on the inside, and you will find it in South East Asia. It is one of those fruits that you either love or hate. You can call durian a contradictory fruit because its odor is so pungent that you can compare it to the smell of vomit, sweaty gym socks, stinky feet, or old rotten onions. That is why in Singapore, durian is banned in hotels and on public transit. How could you even want to taste a fruit that smells so gross?

The ironic thing is that the taste of the flesh is surprisingly sweet that you can compare the taste to caramel or vanilla and has the texture of creamy cheesecake. However, you want to eat it when it is ripe if you plan to eat it for the first time. The worse durian smells, the better it tastes, which is ironic. This fruit has medicinal purposes, and it is also an aphrodisiac.


Pomelo is a citrus fruit and has the appearance of grapefruit, and it originates in Southeast Asia. The fruit has a yellow or pale green appearance when it is ripe, the rind is thick, and the flesh is white.

It has a flavor similar to grapefruit, even though it is sweeter and does not have the bitter taste of grapefruit. However, like grapefruit, you will not want to eat pomelo if you are taking certain medications because it can negatively interact.

You can likely find pomelo in supermarkets in North America and Europe, unlike other exotic fruits.


Starfruit is another exotic fruit from Asia that is becoming less exotic since this fruit’s popularity is rising in the United States. The fruit is green and has the shape of a five-pointed star when you slice it. The taste of starfruit is both sweet and sour, and you can eat it raw as long as it is ripe.

Starfruit has a crunchy texture and is also quite juicy. You can use unripe starfruit for cooking. It has plenty of nutrients but has an element in it that can make it dangerous for people with kidney ailments to eat.

That is why the recommendation for those with kidney problems is not to eat starfruit, it can worsen their condition.

Black Sapote

When you see that fruit has a black interior, you know that the fruit is no longer edible and is now rotten. However, that is not at all the case with black sapote. Black sapote is native to Columbia and Mexico and is a roundly shaped small green fruit with a black interior with the texture and flavor of chocolate pudding.

However, there is a difference between black sapote and chocolate pudding – black sapote is much healthier for you than chocolate pudding. You can find black sapote at Mexican supermarkets, and if you want to fulfill your sweet tooth, you will want to buy some of that fruit. However, it may be costly.


The list consists of only a few exotic fruits’ as you have others, such as Buddha’s hand, canistel, cucamelon, or soursop. If you research more exotic fruits, you will find others not listed in this article. You will also have difficulty finding truly exotic fruits at your local supermarket or the local farmer’s market. Therefore, you will want to see if a specific grocery store is more likely to sell some of these fruits.

That means if you go to a Mexican grocery store, you may find Mexican-grown exotic fruits or a Korean grocery store, and that means you may have an easier time finding fruits grown in Southeast Asia, for example.

Prepare yourself to spend extra money, too, since there is a requirement for the cost of fuel to export those fruits.

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