Meat And Vegetable Recipes


If you are looking for a healthy dose of iron, then you will want to eat plenty of meat in conjunction with many types of vegetables. Many times meat and vegetables can go very well together as there are plenty of delicious and easy recipes where you can mix both. You don’t necessarily need to have a piece of pork, beef, fish, poultry, or lamb on your plate with a vegetable dish on the side. You can enjoy meat and vegetables together as several recipes are pretty delicious and straightforward to make. Let’s go over some of those excellent recipes that you are going to love.

Sausage Dinner Sheet Pan

Who does not love sausages? If you don’t, you don’t need to use the recipe, but you will love this recipe if you are a sausage lover like I am. Not to mention, the sausage dinner sheet pan recipe is so straightforward to make! You will want to head over to the grocery store to get the following ingredients:

  • Six Italian sausages
  • Two large yellow onions
  • One green bell pepper
  • One pound of baby potatoes
  • Three tablespoons of olive oil
  • One-quarter teaspoon of salt
  • One-quarter teaspoon of pepper

The first step is to preheat your oven to 375 Fahrenheit or 190.5 Celcius. Then cut your onions in half and then cut them into one-half of inch strips. Then cut your bell pepper into one-half-inch strips. Next, take out a pan and drizzle the olive oil in it. Add the salt and pepper, and toss the vegetables on it. Then take your sausages and then place them between the vegetables. Then place the pan on the middle rack of the oven, and it will take about 45 minutes to cook. If the sausage is sizzling and brown, that means it’s ready to serve! This recipe allows for six servings, so you may end up having leftovers if you don’t have five other people to fill in one sitting.

Beef Stir-Fry

You cannot go wrong with a stir-fry as they are so easy to make and fun too. It is a dish that satisfies your family! If you have kids, get them to help you prepare it as well! What you need to do is head over to the grocery store and grab the following ingredients:

  • One pound beef sirloin strips
  • One red bell pepper
  • One broccoli head
  • Two carrots
  • One green onion
  • Two tablespoons of vegetable oil
  • Two tablespoons of toasted sesame seeds
  • Two tablespoons of soy sauce
  • One teaspoon minced garlic

What you want to do is to cut up the pepper into one-half of inch strips. Next, cut the florets from the broccoli head and then thinly slice the carrots. The next step is to chop the onion. Then take your skillet or wok, pour in the vegetable oil, and place it over a medium-high heat setting. Add in the beef and stir and brown it for about four minutes. Then add all of the vegetables in addition to the garlic and stir them around for two minutes. After that, add the sesame seeds and soy sauce, and you will want to keep stirring them for another two minutes. By then, the vegetables should be tender, and the beef should be well-cooked. After that, enjoy!

Vegetable Beef Casserole

If you are looking for an easy recipe that the family will love, you will love the vegetable beef casserole. It does take time in the kitchen to prepare, but it is worth it once you achieve the final result. You will want to go to the grocery store and grab the following ingredients to make this delicious dish:

  • Four medium sliced tomatoes
  • Three medium sliced potatoes
  • Three sliced carrots
  • Three sliced celery stalks
  • One medium sliced onion
  • Two cups of cut-up green beans
  • One pound of lean ground beef
  • One cup of cheddar cheese
  • One teaspoon of salt
  • One teaspoon of pepper
  • One teaspoon of dried thyme

Preheat the oven to 400 Fahrenheit or 204 Celcius. Take out your casserole dish, and then cut up your vegetables if you have not yet done so. Please put all of the vegetables into the container except for the tomatoes. Then take half of the uncooked beef, place it over the vegetables, and place the other half underneath it. Then put the thyme, salt, and pepper over it, and put the tomatoes on top. Place the cover on the container, and put it in the oven. After 15 minutes, set the temperature down to 350 Fahrenheit or 176.6 Celcius and allow it to cook for an hour. Ensure that the beef no longer has pink areas and that the vegetables are tender towards the end. If so, take it out, and sprinkle the cheese over it and allow it to melt as it stands. Enjoy your dinner.


There are three delicious meat and vegetable recipes you can try, and you and your family can enjoy preparing them together. The great thing about these recipes is that these dishes are very filling and nutritious. These recipes have plenty of iron, which is essential for your blood, so you don’t end up with anemia‘. Additionally, the calories that come from these dishes are of great nutritional value, which is why you cannot go wrong with these recipes. There is plenty of other meat and vegetable recipes‘ you can find. However, the three above are great for getting you started with some easy ones.