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6300 North Broadway
Denver, CO 80216

Water Gardening & Pond Materials

Water Plants

Water Lilies (Hardy) over 20 varieties 10" pots
Tropical Water Lilies, several varieties 10" pots
Surface & Oxygenator Water Plants, 10 varieties
Tropical Water Plants (in pots), 10 varieties
Hardy Water Plants (in pots), 25 varieties

Acorus - Sweet Flag
Carex - Sedge
Equisetum - Horsetail
Louisiana Iris - Iris
Naturtium - Watercress
Pontederia - Pickeral
Scirpus - Rush
Typha - Cattail
and many more...





Water Garden Containers


Pond Liners
Available in 10 ft. or 20 ft. Widths, 45 ml. Thick Rubber

Pumps & Filters

Pumps from 70 to 4,000 gallons per hour
Several sizes of Filters
Tubing for pumps also available

Pond Supplies

Chemicals to adjust PH and safely kill algae without hurting fish or plants
Test kits for water
Fertilizer for pond plants
Pond plants - Hardy and tropical types (blooming), bog and marginals, floaters and oxygenators
Algae chemicals
Koi food & plant food
Water plant pots & soil
Pond nets
Pond books
We supply all of your pond needs, EXCEPT FISH!


Expert advice is available to you, stop by and talk to us!

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