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Vegetable, Herb and Flower Seeds

2017 Seed Packets Are Here - 2,500 Varieties in Stock!

Heirloom vegetables, native flowers, organic vegetable & herbs,
Italian vegetable seeds direct from Italy!

Huge Selection - Including Organic Seeds

Paulino's Features These Seed Companies:

Bounty Beyond Belief (Heirloom) Local

Beauty Beyond Belief (Wildflower) Local

Pagano (Seeds From Italy)

Lake Valley - Local

Botanical Interests - (Organic) Local

Hudson Valley Seed Library


Image is for illustration only and is not the item price.

Try some of these interesting ones:

Vegetable and Herb Seeds

Pagano Pasquale Zucchini
Lake Valley Stringless Blue Lake Pole Bean
Botanical Interests Delectable Super Sweet Corn
Pagano Peperocino Peppers
Pagano San Marzano 2
Lake Valley Rainbow Carrot Blend

Bounty Beyond Belief California Wonder Pepper
Lake Valley Kandy Corn Sweet Corn
Botanical Interests Sungold Cherry Tomato
Botanical Interests Microgreens, Spicy Mix
Lake Valley Sweet Italian Basil
Botanical Interests Alfalfa Sprouts



Flower Seeds

Botanical Interests Rocky Mountain Columbine
Botanical Interests Bunny Tails Grass
Beauty Beyond Belief Wildflowers – 110 Varieties
Beauty Beyond Belief Blue Columbine
Lake Valley Swiss Giants Pansy
Lake Valley Orange Baby Impatiens

Lake Valley Red Sun Sunflower
Beauty Beyond Belief Purple Coneflower
Lake Valley Vanilla Ice Sunflower
Lake Valley Heavenly Blue Morning Glory
Botanical Interests Bee Balm
Lake Valley Summer Carnival Pink Hollyhock



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